Litigation Support

Legal cases can be complex. The ability to put your full attention on the facts of the case and the legislation which is relevant to it is at the absolute core of getting a good result ... and that attention simply isn't there when you’re attending to administrative matters. Legal Transcripts offers an effective, confidential litigation support service that allows you to focus on exactly what you've been trained for ... without worrying about editing transcripts or chasing up discrepancies.

At Legal Transcripts, our litigation support services include:

  • Court recording
  • Legal interview transcriptions
  • Transcription of professional notes
  • Conversion of audio files to required formats
  • Printing, copying and imaging

We're committed to quality, confidentiality and speed in litigation support. Contact Legal Transcripts today to find out more about how our litigation support services can help your business run more smoothly.

Why choose Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd for your litigation support?

Our services are based on complete and unarguable quality. Here is what sets our litigation support apart from the rest:

Impeccable internal procedures: We have well documented policies and procedures for working with legal audio and documents, and an impeccable track record.

High level legal knowledge: Our clients past and present include the Department of Justice, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the Supreme Court of Victoria, the NSW Police Force, Attorney General NSW, Victorian Government Reporting Branch, as well as numerous small, medium and large legal practices across the country. We understand the requirements of litigation support at the highest level.

Fast turnarounds: We understand that it is counter-productive to be waiting too long for necessary documents; our litigation support services are extremely quick.

Extensive experience: Every one of our managers has over 20 years experience in legal transcription and litigation support fields.

Litigation support through Legal Transcripts is conducted using high quality technology and industry-best practices. Contact us today for a litigation support quote.