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Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd are leaders in recording and transcription technology. We provide, highly secure, digital and audio sound recording and delivery systems, enabling our clients to receive the highest quality transcription services in the least amount of time in a secure environment.

Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd has vast experience in the delivery of quality transcript in a timely manner to various clients, courts, boards and tribunals throughout Australia. Our capacity and ability to provide transcription services is demonstrated in our extensive client list. We take the quality assurance of our products extremely seriously and strive to provide transcription and recording services of the highest standard.

We now live in a digital age which means we can access anything anywhere, anytime. Legal Transcripts Pty Ltd has embraced digital technology. We have implemented customised upload and download portals that our customers can access from their homes, work or any computer with an internet connection. We take digital security very seriously and are always vigilant when it comes to the safe transmission of your audio or transcript over the internet.

All transcripts are available on a same day, next day, or delayed turnaround basis depending on our clients requests.

Transcription Services

Transcription is the heart and soul of Legal Transcripts. Whether we are transcribing a boardroom meeting, an interview or a lengthy court case our staff mandate remains the same - to provide a high quality transcript in a timely manner.

Our Recording Services

The audio quality of a recording greatly affects the accuracy of any transcript that is why Legal Transcripts uses only high end audio mixing equipment and proprietary software to ensure a crystal clear multi channel recording. The end result is a high fidelity recording that our typist use to compile your transcript.

Digital transfer facilities

You can transfer your audio directly to our self hosted servers with the flexibility and convenience that is now expected in this digital age. Legal Transcripts also offers hosted transcript management portals (LT Vault) for clients who need more than just an upload and download facility.

Any Industry, Any location

Court Transcription, Tribunals, Boards

We provide quality digital recording and transcription for any legal jurisdiction in Australia including the Department of Justice and Attorney General NSW; Government and Related Employees Appeal Tribunal & Transport Appeals Board, Victorian Government Reporting Service (VGRS), Department of Justice, Victoria, Supreme Court of Victoria, Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria, Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal of NSW, WorkCover New South Wales, Worker’s Compensation Commission of NSW, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Australian Taxation Office, Department of Defence, National Library of Australia, Optus, Department of Health and Ageing, NSW Police Force, and many more Government Departments. We are able to provide transcription on a same day, next day or standard turnaround basis using the latest streaming technology.

Arbitration, Mediation Hearings, Depositions

We provide quality digital recording and transcription for non government clients requiring our services on a same day, next day or standard turnaround basis using the latest streaming technology.

Flexible location & turnaround times

Legal Transcripts can provide transcription on the same day, next day or our standard 5 day turnaround basis. We can provide transcription services for any English speaking courtroom anywhere in the world using our digital streaming technology.

Records of Interview

We provide quality transcription of investigation interviews or any type of interview that our clients wish to have recorded and transcribed.

Competitive Pricing

Customised quotes are only the beginning

Legal Transcipts is renown in the industry for providing a high level of service at a competitive rate. When you place your order, one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss your exact needs and provide you with a customised quote that covers only those services that you require. Many of our clients are delighted with the broad range of extra services we provide and are often excited by the fact that we are simply a one stop shop for all their transcription and recording needs.

Flexibility, convenience and accuracy

We understand the need for a fast turnaround of any job and we are well equipped to deal with even the most challenging of situations. Employing staff nationwide we have the flexibility to produce your transcript on the same day, next day or a standard 5 day turnaround. If you have a specific timeframe that you are working to then we will work with you to ensure your needs are met every single time.

Special requests

Do you need something out of the ordinary?

Sometimes a standard service just doesn't cover your needs and this is where we excel. If you require something special then please don't hesitate to contact us, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the result you are looking for.

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